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About MoneyWeek

A different take on money

MoneyWeek has armed our readers with everything they need to make educated financial decisions for over twenty years. In this time, we’ve successfully navigated economic disasters like the 2008 financial crash, while providing opportunities to grow wealth and prosperity.

Our contributors have a wealth of experience in the sector and include some of the sharpest financial minds in Britain. To find out more about our team, click here.

With the benefit of our expert insight, you’ll become a better-informed, smarter investor and enjoy the rewards of managing your money with confidence.

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In each issue we cover all this, and more...

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  • Markets: weekly coverage of the biggest stories moving global financial markets
  • Shares: a weekly roundup of the most useful share tips in the business pages
  • Analysis: a deep dive into the latest trends and what they mean for your money
  • Politics & economics: an overview of the global political stories with the biggest economic impact  
  • Pensions: all the latest news and rule changes that will affect your retirement nest-egg
  • Housing: regular analysis of what’s happening to house prices, both in the UK and around the globe




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